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DAPA can be the first step to a career on the stage, but for most it is a great way to meet new friends, gain confidence, acquire an appreciation of the beauty of dance, music and drama, and keep fit!!


Since 1998 literally thousands of children in East Kent have learnt to sing, dance and act in DAPA classes. We now have second generation DAPA kids – where the parents attended when they were small. I’m pleased to say that the school is stronger than ever, with more than three hundred pupils attending classes in Deal and Canterbury. The standard of teaching and pupil achievement has never been higher, and the constant stream of new Jolly Tots is testament to the fun we have, quality of the training and the hard work and dedication of the teachers.

In the last ten years we have assisted students with ambitions to work as performers or dance and drama teachers to gain places at the country’s leading colleges. Despite the highly competitive audition process, we are delighted to say DAPA has achieved a 100% success rate! Our students have gained places at The Royal Ballet, Laine Theatre Arts, Performers College, Birds College, LAMDA and every other major training establishment. Today we will see three more similarly ambitious students leaving us to pursue their dreams – we wish them well. And the story doesn’t end there. DAPA students have gone on to appear in West End musicals and plays, on national and international tours, cruise ships, pantomimes and trade shows.

Closer to home, DAPA pupils have performed at celebrity weddings, Royal Galas and with Britain’s Got Talent winners! We have hosted professional workshops with Flawless and Louie Spence. And each year our ballet students perform alongside international dancers in the annual St Margarets ballet. Who would have thought all this was possible twenty years ago when we arranged an open class at the Astor Theatre in Deal to see if there was interest in a new dance school?


Our Dance Schools

Deal Academy

Canterbury Academy

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