Musical Theatre (MTC)

Through Drama Workshops, improvisation games, mime, movement and comedy, students acquire the basic skills of acting, characterisation and performance.  The syllabus is allied to DAPA's Public Stage Shows and all students have the opportunity to appearin public.  Drama develops a person's individuality and self expression, improves presentation skills, develops imagination and increases artistic awareness.  The study of drama brings fluency in speech and self-confidence.  Some of the work in class is text based, and students have the opportunity to work with a range of directors on group and individual projects.  Classes also encompass music and singing as essential elements of Musical Theatre.

We run the classes according to ages: Musical Theatre 5+years, Musical Theatre 9+years and Musical Theatre 12+years.


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Dancewear and Uniform

Please find here details of the range of Dancewear and Uniform required by all DAPA pupils and students. An Order Form is available for when you need to purchase new items.

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