Street Dance

Street Dance is now so popular that we have added a new class to our timetable “Street Crew”.  So now we have Funky Cheer (4-8yrs), Street Crew (8-11yrs), Street Fusion (11+yrs) and Elite Street (Advancedstudents).  Ages are only a guide - ability is also taken into account.  Funky Cheer pupils are the core dancers in our Mini Mixtroupe.  We intend to launch more troupes in the New Year to involve all our Street dancers.  We have stopped the Boys Only class in Deal, and recommend they join one of the street classes.  We encourage all street dancers to also take a modern or ballet class, as this helps enormously with technique.





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Dancewear and Uniform

Please find here details of the range of Dancewear and Uniform required by all DAPA pupils and students. An Order Form is available for when you need to purchase new items.

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